#2½ : Fear and Anxiety – An Intro

I strongly believe that the main equation in reaching any goal is Awareness + Action (in this very order). Therefore, I decided that I should first address certain points prior to Sunday’s entry for it to succeed in painting a clearer picture in your head as you will go through it. This Sunday, I promised to post my top tweaks and gimmicks aka the ‘red pill’ to trick one’s mind and pushing through the social anxiety/conditioning that is holding one back from one’s best self.

“How can I paint this picture, when the colour blind is hanging with you?” – Kendrick Lamar.

O K A Y, take a deep breath. Post #2½…

Let’s go.

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Matrix background with the green symbols

#2: The Matrix revealed: How social media turned me into a piece of sh*t.

I am scrolling through Facebook, skimming through post after post. Everyone does so nowadays searching for interesting, funny, entertaining content to feed their minds right? After an extensive amount of time on the platform I, of course, got bored. So I put my phone away and try to run through the homework due for tomorrow. Not even 2 minutes later, I get a text. I pick up my phone and next thing I know i am now exploring through Instagram liking posts after posts after posts. Next platform visited was 9gag, followed by Youtube, Tinder, Twitter, Tumblr and back to Facebook again. I glance at the time and realise its already midnight. At this point it hit me, I’ve spent my whole day glued to my device. I dwell on myself and then promise to never do it again. Funny how we do believe so when we say that to ourselves right? Think about it; in one day, i lost 24 hours – 24 hours of hustle, 24 hours of mastering new skills, 24 hours of value creating, 24 hours of network building – 24 hours of my precious life energy. For doing so, I am a piece of shit. Or at least I was when I was deeply entangled in this cancerous man-made hypnosis feeding on my life. What about you? Are you still stuck in the matrix?Read More »

#1: Burn the boats and conquer your life.

“Burn the boats.” The famous expression used by Hernán Cortés at his landing on a vast plateau known as Mexico. Burning the boats left him and his army, roughly 600 spaniards, no other choice than moving forward in the attempt of taking control of the land to survive since there was no way back. Logically this was a foolish decision by Cortés and was bound to end terribly. However what happened next shocked the world. He became the first man in 600 years to successfully conquer Mexico. What this story entails is that to be able to evolve/ level up/ become a better version of yourself, you need to burn your own boats aka your conditioned belief of the world…Read More »