Comeback Szn

2016 and 2017 have been the most important years of my life. Those years have educated me on 1 thing…


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MY Why, MY How and MY What.

“Everything that I do, I do it to give, to share, to inspire and to create possibilities for myself, my family and others to become the BEST version of ourselves.

I create those possibilities by Educating, Pushing and Expanding myself in areas such as Wealth, Health and Wisdom.

I also happen to write blogs, share stories on Social Media, go to the gym more than often, read at least a book a week and take part in multiple events.”

–  Nicolas Leung Yuk Yue, May 15th 2017.

Faking it till I make it; really how cancerous I was to myself

another funny pic I found for this title is this LMAO

6357939402985988521193542050_fishThe title of this post should have been “Meaninglessness – The Battle of my (maybe your/ maybe not) mind.” but chose otherwise.

By the way the content of this blog entry was hard for me to express and is, in my perspective, all over the place. TBH I don’t associate meaning to if people get my writing or not anymore but since you’re here I really want to offer you value so.

Another heads up. All my blogs mean the world to me. Everyone has a different perspective and I respect that. Still, DO NOT let anyone shape your world. Like a product, you can put up all the excuses and all the blaming, at the end of the day the last choice of buying the product is yours. Same for your ideas about yourself, people can say stuff to/about you but the last call if this TRULY defines who you are is REALLY up to you to decide. DRAW THE FUCKING LINE – this is the secret to happiness.Read More »