#4: The Power of Leverage; Past, Present & Future.

Hey, people! I wish you’re all having a great day! Today’s post is a bonus to the last entry elaborating about more ways to achieve your goals. Let’s dive into it! 🙂

“There are no unrealistic goals… only unrealistic deadlines.” – Brian Tracy

Leverage Game.

Google the word ‘leverage’ and the description you will get is “usage of borrowed capital, expecting the profits made to be greater than the interest payable.” It is a common business term. For the purpose of this blog entry, we will consider it as a smart shortcut to achieve the goals we have set up.

1. Past – Shipping point: Leveraging your life energy/ lifetime.


A goal is a dream with a deadline. The shipping point relates to the deadline requiring action from your part. The ‘deadline’ may come in various forms; it may be a date, a location or a specific situation. Example – The shipping point for a speaker is when the individual steps up on stage. Basically, it is a situation where you have no choice but to ship (execute your skills, product, post, good energy and so on) disregarding whether you are ready or not. The catalyst (action triggering the change in mindset) to this technique is activated by remembering yourself all the things that you have been learning and been through leading to this particular shipping point. When it is shipping time, quickly summing up every single minute and energy you have spent on learning the specific skills related to the situation will create the turning point in your mind. The next step is to leverage all these past thoughts to deliver the value you have nurtured over this span of time. This creates an urgency to take action. The more you prepare, the more leverage you have.

MAJOR KEY: It is important that you do not pay attention to the “quality” of the shipping on your first tries. Your only focus is the fact that you have shipped. The moment you do ship, you automatically win. On the flip side, if you don’t ship, this is where you need to tell yourself that the whole day/month/year invested in the skills were basically wasted. Viewing nonaction taking as a bad habit is powerful enough for your mind to instantly switch into a productive state.

2. Present – Leverage the ‘NOW’.

Mental masturbation is one of the currently invisible drugs that everyone takes hits from multiple times a day. A great article tackling the subject in detail can be found here. Basically, mental masturbation happens when you lose the present drowning into your own thoughts about the past and the future – complaining, judging, and pounding yourself with this cancerous habit. One question, is thinking about those will create change in your life at the moment you are thinking? Absolutely fucking not. The only thing that we will ever have is now. What we do now will shape the future. The actions that we take now is the only thing that is going to sculpt what we ought to be. Nothing else.


Thinking of the past – Thinking on the past is a powerful tool when you learn from it, not when you dwell on it.

Thinking of the future – drafting a plan is totally understandable. However, most people focus so much on the planning stage, endlessly trying to find shortcuts or the BEST way to do something. Those people will remain stagnant, they will never be ready, they will never win. Winning happens when you ship, regardless of being ready or not. Draw the line yourself.

“The number 1 thing that scares the shit out of me the is regret.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Future – Leveraging the characteristics of your Future Self.


Taking action has a weird satisfying feel associated with it. When you do something out of your daily routine that is productive, you feel happy about it. Add in the thought of you being on the journey to your goals and you feel blissful. You trigger self-confidence within and are ready to face anything coming your way. The trick here is borrowing the characteristics of your future self, leveraging the features of the person you are becoming, leveraging the future “you” who has already achieved all your goals. Whenever you are in a situation where you feel anxious or unmotivated to take action, leverage the confidence and motivation from your future self who has already crushed all the goals you set and dive in.

This comes down to a simple equation:

Constant action taking


Guaranteed Future Self

(Future Self already encompasses all the characteristics needed to achieve the goals set)


I already have them


I am confident


I will crush it NOW.


Simply being clear about the fact that you are on the narrow road leading to your goals can only do one thing, lift you up spiritually. When you are spiritually high, you are at your highest efficiency point. This is what people call “being in state”. You feel grateful for your existence; everything coming your way is instantly labeled as a blessing (good or bad).

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Cheers people 🙂


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