The Ha[[ofherfhrei Manifesto – The Live blog

What makes me angry? The fact that everyone is fucked up, every close relative, friend, best friend(s), acquaintances, myself at the moment. The common denominator? Society. I repeated this thought so many times already. If you still didn’t get the point yet, get your shit together.

(Quick note: I was about to publish my happiness manifesto post that I’ve worked on during the week but decided it’s content is not what is most important to me to communicate at the moment.

This blog entry is a very raw one helping me express myself about how I feel at the moment and I will post as soon as I stop writing, I think I should label this ‘The Live Blog’. *I just did*)


Decided Ill never post it so here’s a sneak peek of what today’s post should have looked like

btw this spontaneous blog post was triggered by this video: I recommend it 100%

Society. Society is what killed our dreams, our charisma, our energy, our willingness to share our personality, our goals – killed our life. We don’t understand what is happening and when we encounter situations or people who actually get it and attempt at lifting us up, we stay blinded from the truth behind the safety of the commonalities of the herd and the masses for the most part of our pitiful lives. It angers me to think that we do this. We destroy ourselves. We poison ourselves. We handicap ourselves. When we get into that state, we ought to remember that we are humans, we live to communicate our emotions whether we want it or not, whether we are aware of it or not. Thus if we emanate this fucked up energy we are transferring that cancerous mentality to others that do not deserve it and we should feel responsible for every fucked up things that our entourage end up screwing up as a result.

How the deep is our level of fucked-up-ness? Here it goes. We fear engagement. As a result, we fail as human beings. We fail at the potential that was given to us. We disrespect the body and mind that was given to us when we were put on this planet. Engaging with people is the most natural thing to do as a human. We are social beings. WE WERE BORN TO ENGAGE WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. But thanks to conditioned thinking hammered into us, it is super weird/creepy to say hi to a stranger just for the sake of saying hi for example. You can only do that with your circle of friends you stupid lol… Conversely, it is totally acceptable/cool to say hi if we need something from another person. “Hey, do you have the time?”, “Hey, do you know what is happening here?”, “Hey, in how much time is the bus arriving? My phone died.” Totally normal. I call b.s. I love watching 5-year-old kids interact with each other. They don’t care who they know or not. Everyone is their friend. They assume familiarity, There is no anxiousness, no weirdness, no tenseness in how they interact with each other. They live in the moment, they smile, play, hold hands, play hide and seek. They are free from the unconscious world.

“People pleasing is a form of assholery” – Whitney Cummings (Ex-producer of 2 broke girls)

You don’t understand this energy. It just grows on you if you let it. How do the masses let it grow? They live life with no goals. They let themselves get influenced by gossips and fake news. They live days wondering about how they will enjoy themselves at the beach for the summer in 2 months instead of being happy right now. Being happy is never about external stuff. Being happy is achieved by you only. Only you can make you happy. Only you can achieve the state of happiness. Buying that pair of shoe, playing this game, hanging out with friends will never make you happier than yourself. Why do people do that? Most of the time is because they don’t feel enough. And society has trained us to become consumers in this new era. What does that mean? We crave things. And we think those goodies will make us happy. Wrong. They will only provide you with spiked emotions which will last 1 to 2 days then you’re back into derp state.

How to achieve real happiness? Minimize the things that you hate.

“What is the quantification of success for me? For me, it’s not how much time you spend doing what you love. It’s about how little time you spend doing what you hate.” – Casey Neistat (Youtube influencer & investor)

Understanding that you are in control here is the first key to happiness. When you really feel like you are the prime mover of your existence, you are more than willing to engage with anything that comes to you (people, events, situations, etc…). You are a human being, we all are. As human beings, we are entitled to emotions, to engaging with people, engaging with life. Don’t fight that essence. Go with the flow. And when I say go with the flow do not confuse this with the masses. What is natural to do for us as individuals is far away from what we were conditioned to believe we ought to want, desire and achieve in life – (Thanks Hollywood!! :))))) ).

I am a walking flaw too guys, don’t worry. I am maximizing on my one or two strengths going through life at the moment though.

You should do the same.

Btw good question from the video; “Are you busy or are you productive?” (blew my mind)





6 thoughts on “The Ha[[ofherfhrei Manifesto – The Live blog

  1. Many good thoughts there! Humans are definitely made to engage and relate with others πŸ™‚ Keep expressing what you feel about this world. I also can’t stand the consumerist attitude and the pressure to care only for oneself. Something to think about, however, is that the problem lies with the current mindset of this generation, not with the society in general. The concept of society is an important framework that brings humans together to work together in mutual respect.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you! Your mate, Danny

    Liked by 1 person

    • DAN! Good to here from you, hope you’re well πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your comment and I’m thinking of making this live writing a thing since it feels more organic to write for a straight 20 minutes and just hit post (+ the words are more true to myself).
      Cheers acp! 😊


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