Live blog #2: HOW TO DEAL WITH SETBACKS – Competition v/s Collaboration

I’m going to post as soon as I am done writing this entry. Happy Sunday people!

“Expecting the world to treat your fairly just because you’re a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to charge you because you’re a vegetarian.” – Dennis Wholey

Shifting one’s world view from competition to collaboration is the best thing that one will ever do for oneself. View every bad day, setback, rejection as a stepping stone to reaching your goal. They are part of the process leading to results. They are here to provide you with an opportunity to level up. Do not run away from them. Instead, accept they will always be there and collaborate with them.

Getting slammed by the world at some point in life is unavoidable, learning from it is optional. – Nicolas L.

I read a little from the Bhagavad Gita, a classic of Indian spirituality yesterday, (yes I am weird) and the first pages teach you that the thought of separation from your environment is bullshit. I quote: “The illusion is the sense of separateness.” Separation here relates to the fact that you see everything as competition/ threatening (me on one side, you on the other); a new job, a new workout, strangers on the street who might judge you. This “threat” is an illusion.

Quick vid; Watch 2 mins from 4:32

Understand that the only people who would ever judge, complain or compare are the ones who are still in this competitive frame of mind. The moment someone does one of the 3 listed – ignore them. Why? Because they just proved to you that they are of a lower moral authority than someone who doesn’t.

What to do instead? Ignore all the things that make you want to judge/complain/compare and do something else. (Sounds simple but it’s hard. Especially with social media around.)

“The world works for you, not against you.” – Tony Robbins


Collaboration provides a N0-Lose model for you.

Weekly reminder:
You sat down, you read it, you spent time getting the knowledge, now apply it. If you don’t you just wasted time reading this post.





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