i was wrong

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

… Shoot yourself in the foot, you’ll miss every single star, forever.

Courage is an aspect that really eludes people. What is courage? Courage DOES NOT mean being fearless. (If you are fearless, you are going to die soon.) Courage means not fearing what shouldn’t be feared.

I hate how our human minds work, I hate that my ego kicks in from time to time, I hate that I automatically compare myself to others often, I hate that I judge people without even knowing I am doing so, I hate, I hate, I hate…

Here’s the turning point. At this point, you either get BITTER or BETTER.

(I’ve been telling more than I’ve been doing recently, this is why I am a hypocrite at the moment and went in a downward spiral. This is changing right now.)

The Love of Losing.

Knowledge is universal, everybody knows what needs to be done.
Everybody knows what works, what actions are required to arrive to the goal.

There’s a famous saying; “Knowledge is Power.” Assuming it’s true, everybody is powerful. However, not everybody is successful.

What is lacking then?

Action is what is lacking.


Because of the Fear of Losing.
Success in Sports, Entrepreneurship or Life correlates with one’s tolerance threshold for ambiguity – how long can you go through the hard work, the long hours of grinding alone, the social pressure of standing outside the herd?

But I have never tried this, what if it goes wrong? What if I fail?

Haha. Here is the key, YOU WILL FAIL and the big thing is, it doesn’t matter. Your reaction and reaction time to the failure is what matters.
Start embracing the failing part and your view of the world will change forever.

Tip of the Day:

Stop listening to what people are saying, WATCH what they are doing and steal their formula/routine/strategy. I said steal it, don’t copy. Stealing= Copy and stack a layer of value on top of it and make it your own.
Piggybacking off giants is the best way to rise to the top.
However, keep in mind that you can’t be a piggybacker all the way to the end. There will come a time where you will have to figure things out by yourself and find a way out.




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