become decent at trading your life time or die.

we can’t escape 3 things in life: Taxes, Conflicts and Death.

“Write down your 25 top Priorities (in order). Cross the last 20. Focus on the 5 you are left with, the rest are mere distractions.” – Warren Buffet.

In all of my blog posts up until now I have stressed out the fact about the topic of efficient use of time labelling time as the Single Most Important Currency you will Ever Have in Life. What I promise you is that I will continue to do so in all my future blog posts, in all my future messages/replies and in every single one of my future conversations.

That said…


Respect your mind. Respect your body. Respect your time,



“I don’t have time.” is the thing people who disrespect themselves say the most often. How does this phrase imply such assumption? It’s subtle.
Saying “I don’t have time” means one thing and one thing only:

“I have no control over my time and over my life. I have no respect for either.” This is what it really means.

As humans, we are meant to be free to do whatever we would love to do. Not be chained to a system that sucks the time and life out of us. I rarely use this phrase anymore and when I catch myself doing so, I correct it. This is how you get back in control.

I can already hear the Thomases. “No, it means I don’t have time and have other more important things to do.”
Sure, ‘Study’ or ‘Work’ on and off for 2 hours while texting/watching videos on your phone seems very important bud.

People should stop making excuses about time. Everybody has time. The problem is the value you associate to it. Change that subtle factor and it will change your view of life forever.

“If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life. Stop making fucking excuses.” – Tony Robbins

P.S: I did use this quote before but I do want to hammer the point in here.

How to become a good trader with regards to your time.

Step 1: Decide about your goals – Long term & Short term (More dets about writing down goals here:
Step 2: Figure out the way to achieve each and every one of those goals
Step 3: INVEST your time in the things that will push you to your goal

There is no shortcut. This is your formula. Execute & Crush it. ^

Have a Good Week Peeps!



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