1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

*DISCLAIMER* – If you are here to learn something that you are never going to use, close this window and open Facebook NewsFeed (that’s the place to do it). If you want to learn how to start taking action and move towards your best self, continue reading.

Ideas are overrated. Ideas, from what I have learned, read and experienced, don’t mean shit. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t come up with the idea of Facebook. He got started the project way before he ever thought that the platform was going to become the biggest social network on the planet. He then met the Winklevoss who pitched him the idea. They had the billion dollar idea, but it was Mark who executed. And guess who became one of the richest, most successful out of them?

“If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.” – Jim Rohn
(By wealthy I am sure he means wealthy in every aspect of life.)

Of course, that’s not what most people don’t like to hear, they want the perfect roadmap for quick and big results. That’s why they spend days, months, years, decades looking for the “best” business plan, “best” way to start. In the end, they end up never starting.

Things you do today will not only affect how you feel tomorrow, they will affect how you feel in a week, in a month, in a year. Actions transcend decades. From what I have understood until now is that you need to have a sense of urgency.
YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.  When you take action you create something real, something material.

“Life is a gift and it offers each of us the privilege, the opportunity and the responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Tony Robbins

State ⇒ Story ⇒ Strategy

(This is something I learnt from Tony and is new to me but I’m trying to explain it as much as I understood it.)

How to start taking action?

Step 1: Get in State.

Before undertaking anything, you ought to get into state, meaning you need to become congruent. What does that mean? Congruence means being aligned in your THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS. When you are congruent, each and EVERY SINGLE action you are taking matches your thoughts and words. In my honest opinion, this is when you are your best self. This is what it means to be real.
What I have learnt tremendously in the last months is that it is very easy to give advice. Sorry, I meant giving advice is the EASIEST THING that a human being can do. To live by the advice you are giving is the only true challenge. When you do, it means you aren’t a hypocrite. It means you respect your words. It means you are congruent.
And that is a higher state of consciousness, of realness, of humanity that you have achieved by doing so.

*TIP* Bring this step to the next level:
Think LONG TERM. And be congruent for the LONG TERM.
(That’s how you bring big lifestyle changes in your life.)

“Our achievement grow according to the size of our dreams and how in touch we are with them through our actions & missions.” – Keith Ferrazzi

Step 1.5: State ⇒ Story (Our frame/view of the world.)

Your state will transition into a Story that your mind will replay for the rest of the day. We are what we believe in. Since you are congruent, your mind will consistently redirect your attention to your Story and will translate everything you encounter in your life and reinforce your Story. That’s how the mind works, use it the right way for the best results.
Let’s say my Story is “I am grateful for everything.” If I miss the bus, I will feel grateful for it. My mind will find every single thing that I can be grateful for from this event. “I have more time to enjoy to my favourite song/audiobook.”, “I can walk home and enjoy the scenery of the journey.” Your Story translates everything back in its own language. So, a good State = a good Story = a good day. As you repeat it every day, it will replay itself in your mind throughout the week, then the month, then the entire year.

Now, Ask Yourself – Why, What, When?

Step 2: Strategy

Why do it?
To become the best version of myself.

What to do?
Find what you want to achieve and REVERSE ENGINEER the shit out of it. (Find all the steps to achieve it and do it.)

When to do it?

(Believe me I was skeptical about doing all these written things before starting but I saw how much change it brings to the way you think and act. Also, what do you have to lose in writing answers to 3 simple questions?)

These are MY answers.

What are yours?


But no, I am not ready yet. I have no experience or no motivation to start this.

To answer this question here is a quote from Hugh Jackman

“Most of us do not make a conscious decision about what we believe. Rather, our beliefs are based on generalizations we make about our past. And unfortunately, many of us are wired to hone in on the painful experiences and form pessimistic beliefs about what that means for our current state of affairs and the potential for our future.” – Hugh Jackman

And last but not least a video about why motivation AND your emotions are garbage.


Enjoy your week people!
Be grateful for all the things coming your way and welcome them! 🙂


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