you are going to die.


Take a deep breath, re-read the title of this entry again, let it sink in.

Now let’s dive in.

Unhappiness occurs mostly when people are in position to be happy. Why do they choose to be unhappy? Because they get bored of being happy. The mind always finds something interesting in new things and this often includes drama, conflicts and other things that we all say we don’t like or want in our lives but we all still pursue them unconsciously. Opening Snapchat and going to the NewsFeed area, what are we exposed to? The headlines are as such:

Headlines subtly telling people: “Oh, you have no business knowing about this but we will make sure you think you need to!” then you click on it and the downward spiral process gets activated. You click on the second one, then the next one and the next one and before you know it you don’t even know why you’ve wasted 20 minutes checking things that you will forget in the next 10 minutes, things that don’t even matter to you.

Your life is a clock that is ticking backwards and in my experience, the more you are aware of this fact, the more gratitude you have for your life and the more meaning you want to bring to it.

What is Sanity?

“Everyone is crazy. But the craziest of us are the ones who don’t even know they are.”

Think of the most real moment you ever felt; a late night real talk with your bff, a spontaenous trip or any other experience that left you in awe and blissful for 5-30 seconds. These are the moments that you were (as people call it) “present”. When nothing mattered and you felt so good in your own body that you felt you could do anything you wanted to accomplish. Moreover, this feeling is caused by dopamine rushing to your brain and it usually happens when you present a shock to your mind and don’t give it time to think about what you are saying or doing but just doing it. This is the most blissful you will ever feel in your life – when you are not in control.

As humans we have been conditioned to seek for NORMALITY when what we love and enjoy is ABNORMALITY. Why do you enjoy a trip to a new country so much? Why do you enjoy this new beverage that your friend has presented to you? Because it is new. It brings you out of your comfort zone, it presents you with new senses that you never experienced before. Most jobs that people are passionate about are jobs that challenges the workers instead of being monotonous. These are the most rewarding jobs ever. Ever wonder why most people praise weekends and hate on mondays? Its because they hinder the process and see the weekends as an event to finally “Be Happy”. And this is sad.
1 week = 2 happy days + 5 sad days? My gut says this is a bad lifestyle. You are losing.

That’s the same for Summer Holidays or Retirement.

“It is sad that people look forward to retirement in their 20s. Why? Because they are living in a virtual fantasy in their head in the most capable years of their lives. That’s what we’ve sadly been trained to do.

Here is the trick to get out of the (most of the time invisible) negative thought process.

  1. Make peace with your past.
  2. Do stuff.

Time is limited.
Do you have time for lame? Do you have time for mediocre? Do you have time for laziness?

Your choice.


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