Get Right with You

Something bigger than myself. It has always been about something bigger than myself.

*Little Update*
Not going to lie, I’ve been low on productivity in the last month (the lowest since October) ; spending time reading a lot & in the gym but not creating a lot.

get right witcha

I’m not entirely sure if blogging is the best way for me to communicate with you guys to provide the maximum amount of value. This is what it’s meant to be for anyways, the audience. All I am learning, reading and practicing is an effort to help people who support me and read my stuff to rise to the top with me. This is why I appreciate every piece of feedback I can get.
What I’ve learned during this last month through books and through The Landmark Forum & Advanced Course to list a few are:

  • Restoring my relationship with my word
    • In your word resides the whole of my power. The power to create or to destroy. I will use it wisely.
  • Start with Why (Book by Simon Sinek)
    • in Marketing or in one’s personal journey, starting with a motto to live by is Key to success. E.g Apple’s Challenging the Status Quo in a Simple Way; Look how far they’ve come.
  • Collaboration > Competition
    • A lot of stuff comes into this point; Karma, Life occurring as a Circle and the fact that Sharing only leaves me with more and never with less.
  • Fascia Stretching w/ a Lacrosse Ball
    • Learned this from my trainer to provide more mobility to my shoulders and reduce tension/knots in most body parts.
  • Product > Service
    • A lot to come from this simple point, thanks to @stefanshares for this.


I promise to keep my head up and work my ass off until I achieve my goals. You guys are my accountability.


2 thoughts on “Get Right with You

  1. Keep writing. Your posts are quite enjoyable 🙂 but since it’s YOUR blog, you get to set the schedule. You don’t have to post every day to be ‘productive’, if what you DO actually post is worth reading! 🙂

    Keep up the good work. Sounds like you’ve been pretty productive, just not in the blogging department. Ebb & flow. Nothing wrong with that 🙂


    • Thanks Amanda, I really value your comment and you are right. I’ve had major ‘breakthoughs’ outside of Blogging and still trying to implement it in a new blogging style. I will take your words into account and shall be blogging for the purpose of providing value.

      Thank you.

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