i was wrong

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

… Shoot yourself in the foot, you’ll miss every single star, forever.Read More »


Live blog #2: HOW TO DEAL WITH SETBACKS – Competition v/s Collaboration

I’m going to post as soon as I am done writing this entry. Happy Sunday people!

“Expecting the world to treat your fairly just because you’re a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to charge you because you’re a vegetarian.” – Dennis Wholey

Shifting one’s world view from competition to collaboration is the best thing that one will ever do for oneself. View every bad day, setback, rejection as a stepping stone to reaching your goal. They are part of the process leading to results. They are here to provide you with an opportunity to level up. Do not run away from them. Instead, accept they will always be there and collaborate with them.Read More »

The Ha[[ofherfhrei Manifesto – The Live blog

What makes me angry? The fact that everyone is fucked up, every close relative, friend, best friend(s), acquaintances, myself at the moment. The common denominator? Society. I repeated this thought so many times already. If you still didn’t get the point yet, get your shit together.

(Quick note: I was about to publish my happiness manifesto post that I’ve worked on during the week but decided it’s content is not what is most important to me to communicate at the moment.

This blog entry is a very raw one helping me express myself about how I feel at the moment and I will post as soon as I stop writing, I think I should label this ‘The Live Blog’. *I just did*)

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#3: F*ck your excuses! Get shit done using this.

First of all, if you did not read my last post “#2½ : Fear and Anxiety – An Intro” yet, close this window and go read it. This will not help you if you don’t have a clear understanding of what we are tackling here using this technique.

By the way, quick note, this is not a guide to success. This is an attempt to describe how I figured out what works for me and how you can do so for yourself. Read More »

#2½ : Fear and Anxiety – An Intro

I strongly believe that the main equation in reaching any goal is Awareness + Action (in this very order). Therefore, I decided that I should first address certain points prior to Sunday’s entry for it to succeed in painting a clearer picture in your head as you will go through it. This Sunday, I promised to post my top tweaks and gimmicks aka the ‘red pill’ to trick one’s mind and pushing through the social anxiety/conditioning that is holding one back from one’s best self.

“How can I paint this picture, when the colour blind is hanging with you?” – Kendrick Lamar.

O K A Y, take a deep breath. Post #2½…

Let’s go.

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#2: The Matrix revealed: How social media turned me into a piece of sh*t.

I am scrolling through Facebook, skimming through post after post. Everyone does so nowadays searching for interesting, funny, entertaining content to feed their minds right? After an extensive amount of time on the platform I, of course, got bored. So I put my phone away and try to run through the homework due for tomorrow. Not even 2 minutes later, I get a text. I pick up my phone and next thing I know i am now exploring through Instagram liking posts after posts after posts. Next platform visited was 9gag, followed by Youtube, Tinder, Twitter, Tumblr and back to Facebook again. I glance at the time and realise its already midnight. At this point it hit me, I’ve spent my whole day glued to my device. I dwell on myself and then promise to never do it again. Funny how we do believe so when we say that to ourselves right? Think about it; in one day, i lost 24 hours – 24 hours of hustle, 24 hours of mastering new skills, 24 hours of value creating, 24 hours of network building – 24 hours of my precious life energy. For doing so, I am a piece of shit. Or at least I was when I was deeply entangled in this cancerous man-made hypnosis feeding on my life. What about you? Are you still stuck in the matrix?Read More »